What to look out for when choosing a swimming club

If you are looking to take up swimming professionally, it’s advisable to find a good swimming club with the best facilities that will enhance the quality of your training. It’s therefore necessary for you to shop around as you do your due diligence to ensure that you settle for the best and not just what’s convenient.

We are going to share with you 4 important things you should look out for when choosing a swimming club.

1 Ensure that it’s the right club

It’s important to note that there are different types of swimming clubs for different swimming activities therefore each of them will engage in training activities meant to suite their specific needs. It’s therefore important for you to identify the precise swimming activity you want to specialize in and find a club that offers relevant programs.   

2 Ensure the cub has the right coaching team

As a member of a swimming club, one of the main reasons for joining is to get access to good swimming coaches who know what they are doing. It’s only through learning from an experienced coach that you will know exactly what you need to improve on and how to improve on it. 

3 Ensure the club’s program suits your schedule

Clubs will often have a prescribed training program therefore it’s a good idea for you to ensure that this program suits your schedule so that you can fully benefit from it. The timing of trainings, the number of times per week they are done, the number of competitive activities and so on must fit within your schedule so that you don’t miss out.   

4 It should be within your budget

Quality services will of course come at an extra cost but that doesn’t mean you break your bank in order to access them. You need to do plenty of research to find out whether you can get a good swimming club that fits within your budget.

It’s generally advisable to sign up to a swimming club at a young age so that you can start honing these swimming skills much earlier. It’s therefore the responsibility of parents to do this for their kids. 

3 amazing health benefits of swimming

Swimming is not only a fun recreational as well as professional activity it’s also a good opportunity to get some much needed exercise which has tremendous benefits for your health. In fact, it comes highly recommended and ranks higher than other common exercises that people do on a daily basis especially those that involve going to the gym.

We are therefore going to briefly look at 3 amazing health benefits of swimming.

Swimming enhances energy distribution in the body

When swimming, you will always make use of most of your muscles to move, change direction and perform many other maneuvers while in the water for an extended period of time. In addition to the fact that your body also stays afloat on the water, energy will therefore be distributed across your body more therefore getting oxygen to much needed extremities in your body thus improving overall health. 

Swimming reduces exposure to chronic illnesses

Swimming is one of those exercises that fully engages both your respiratory and cardiovascular systems simultaneously therefore strengthening them. Regular swimming will therefore keep these systems fully functional thus reducing your exposure to chronic illnesses is mostly respiratory and cardiovascular in nature.

Swimming will guarantee a longer life

As we age, it’s inevitable for our bodies to have diminished functionality and this is what eventually leads to death. However, as a regular swimmer, you can be guaranteed that your body will stay healthier for longer thus guaranteeing you a longer life as long as you stay free of accidents and other communicable diseases that are known to cause death.

With such amazing benefits, it’s clear that swimming is a very rewarding form of exercise that people of all ages should be encouraged to take part in. It’s advisable to identify a facility of choice where you will get to enjoy this activity on a regular basis.

4 safety measures you must take before getting into swimming pools

Swimming is a very fun and fulfilling activity especially if you find the right swimming facility to enjoy this activity. It’s always important however to keep in mind that because swimming will mostly take place in public facilities, to ensure that as a swimmer, your safety is always at the top of your agenda. These safety measures are usually meant for the benefit of your health.

In this article we are going to look at 4 safety measures you must take before getting into swimming pools.

Ensure that you clean up beforehand

There’s a reason why swimming pool facilities usually have showers and changing rooms and this is mainly so that you can get cleaned up before entering the pool. You must therefore ensure that you make use of these facilities so that you don’t expose other swimmers to dirt or germs that you may have carried with you. Other swimmers will also do this for you.   

Never get into a swimming pool with a fresh wound

As mentioned earlier, most swimming pools are public facilities therefore they are used by almost everyone. This simply means that there’s potential for a lot of microorganisms to be introduced into the water which you will always come into contact with. It’s therefore not a good idea for you to swim with a fresh wound because such microorganisms can get into the wound and cause an infection. 

Never go swimming while thirsty

Thirst will always heighten your desire to take water and this is not a good thing while swimming because you may subconsciously end up taking in water from the pool which may be dangerous because the water not only has bacteria and other microorganisms which are harmful to your health, taking in water may also expose you to the danger of drowning.

Always clean up after swimming

After taking a swim, be sure to clean up immediately to avoid giving the bacteria and other microorganisms in the pool time to act.

We trust that you will practice these safety measures the next time you go swimming.