Who We Are

I am Mans Broersma a professional swimmer and also a swimming enthusiast and I formed the Sportfondsenbad Nijmegen-Oost platform for the benefit of other aspiring swimmers whether you want to simply swim for the fun of it or to become a professional swimmer. This is an online platform run by professional swimmers where we offer resources on how to maximize on your swimming experience.

We understand the benefits that swimming brings whether you are doing it just for fun or professionally, the challenges people go through trying to identify a decent swimming pool to learn or practice, as well as in trying to identify good coaches to help hone their swimming skills. This is precisely why this platform exists, so that we can help you maximize on your swimming experience. 

We therefore welcome you to take full advantage of the resources that we will regularly share through our blog as it will not only be informative but will also be invaluable in improving your overall swimming experience.